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blue and green design - web


A website is critical for any business, group or service. However it is better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad. At Blue and Green Design we know the importance of good web design, you dont want to loose potential customers because your site is badly designed. The main factors that we take into consideration when designing your site are:

  • Appearance: This involves the appearance of the site which involves the colour, layout and objects like buttons.
  • Navigation: If a visitor cannot navigate to the contact or purchase page you have lost a potential customer.
  • Speed: How fast a web page loads and how fast a visitor can move through the site. A potential customer would usually wait for a website to load for only 3 seconds.

At blue and green design we take these factors into consideration when designing your website.

blue and green design - Identity


Logos and corporate identity are one of the most important elements in a companies public image. Logos are the first impression of your company and should capture the attention of your potential clients. All Logos and corporate identities should be:

  • Unique: Should stand out from the brands competition.
  • Visually appealing: The identity should connect with the viewer on an emotional level. Should use appropriate colour and fonts.
  • Target market: It should be designed with the target market in mind. The identity should be compatible with the consumers of the business or service that you provide.

By creating a strong brand identity users will feel a connection with your services or product. Contact us today for a free quote.

blue and green design - print


At blue and Green design we know the importance of good print design. A well designed document shows the credibility of the company or service. The most important elements of print design are:

  • Typography: Is the most important element of print design, It deals with the readability of a document and also the layout and fonts used for documents.
  • Layout: Good layout design should attract the attention of the viewer or reader. The information should be arranged in a hierarchy which might include headlines and text etc.
  • Colour: Conveys moods and attracts attention. Used correctly colour can attract the viewers attention and make them want to read more.

These elements combined with other elements including balance and space can promote and sell your business effectively.